fly twins projected on tyvek

fly girl projected on vitrines

sketch for installation 2014

flyspec [REDaCT#3] | Simulate/Permeate


date: 2015
media: tyvek suits, 6000 deceased flies hatched in 5 glass vitrines each 3” dia X 18” high, audio/video loops

size: size varies with installation, 1 audio-video loop 10m duration, 1 video loop 3m duration
history: exhibited rowan university art gallery glassboro nj

The deceased files documented in REDaCT #2 combine with the tyvek suits from REDaCT #1 and MIke Brenner's DHS Suite to create this site-sensitive installation. An element from the Lafayette Series, the dancing toddler, is combined with the fly documentary footage to create a new iconography: the fly twins.