excerpt of REDaCT performance at Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts

redaction mark footage for stage

tessellated fly footage for stage and Kimmel Cube

twin footage for video screen adjacent to stage

the sound of flyspec [REDaCT #4] | Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts

Live performance

date: 2015
performance art procession at kimmel center for the performing arts with live slide guitar and percussion, tyvek suits, silkscreen patches, bunraku uniforms, video loops
size: size varies with installation, 1 h duration
history: exhibited kimmel center for the performing arts philadelphia pa

A multimedia performance procession that occupied the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts lobby as well as the Kimmel Cube, a large screen at the exterior corner of the Center.

Gabrielle Russomagno and Yvonne Love took the role of the Fly Twins, donning white tyvek suits and slowly orbiting through the lobby. Mike Brenner and guest artist Hoagy Wing played slide guitar loops and drums respectively, wearing bunraku puppet master costume. williamCromar, also in bunraku dress, performed the Puppet Master role, directing the players.

A pair of projectors displayed layers of imagery at the stage, while a large video monitor displayed the fly twin footage appropriated from REDaCT #3. The fly footage seen on stage was also played on the Kimmel Cube for the duration of the performance.