documentary for art is you art is me

the sound of flyspec [REDaCT #1] | DUMBO Arts Festival

Performance processional

date: 2014
media: sound loop, tyvek suit, silkscreen patch, modified hydration pack, water

size: 3h duration
history: DUMBO art festival new york ny

TangenT ArT CollaboraTive members participated in the performance processional titled art is you art is me organized by artist Yi Kwon Kim. The performative work commenced in front of City Hall in Lower Manhattan and crossed the Brooklyn Bridge to conclude on the festival grounds in DUMBO. TangenT participants occupied twin white suits in a subroutine titled the sound of flyspec and carried portable devices playing a drum loop soundscape created by member Mike Brenner. While processing, the twins deposited water upon the ground at regular intervals, drawing an aqueous, ephemeral line between the two spaces.