An installation in 3 chapters: 

  • shewashewas
  • case study no. 1
  • and they appear

date: 2016
media: audio-video loops, sidewalk chalk, shredded paper, vintage typewriters, graphite wash
size: varies with installation
history: exhibited crane arts philadelphia pa


The culmination of the REDaCT Series, this large-scale, multi-media installation synthesizes the iconography developed in the previous five works, adding tactile elements including vintage machinery and one ton of shredded paper documents.

Chapter one of the installation, shewashewas, occupied the Grey Area of the Crane Arts Building, projecting on a circle of sidewalk chalk and the walls. Chapters two and three, case study no. 1 with and they appear, played on opposing walls with an ambiguously ordered space filled with shreddings and typewriters.

Mike Brenner employed several drummers, including Hoagy Wing, in his virtuosic soundscape, integrated with and they appear video footage.


documentary | shewashewas

REDaCT | shewashewas, wall 1

REDaCT | shewashewas, floor

REDaCT | shewashewas, wall 2

case study no. 1

documentary | case study no. 1

REDaCT | case study no. 1, wall 1

REDaCT | case study no. 1, wall 2

REDaCT | case study no. 1, wall 3

and they appear

documentary | and they appear

REDaCT | and they appear, 20' X 100' mural audio-video