The REDaCT Series

date: 2014-2016
see individual projects for media, size, duration, and history

a TangenT Art Collaborative joint

REDaCT is a series of artworks that explore visual renderings of facts detailed in redacted public documents. Drawing from state and federal reporting on individuals and institutions along with redaction in its many forms, the REDaCT series is as much a meditation on information control, privacy, and truth as much as it is about what is left behind and what we choose to record, see, and know.



REDaCT #6 | Crane Arts

An installation in 3 chapters: 

  • shewashewas
  • case study no. 1
  • and they appear

date: 2016
media: audio-video loops, sidewalk chalk, shredded paper, vintage typewriters, graphite wash
size: varies with installation
history: exhibited crane arts philadelphia pa

/*rEDaCT*/ [REDaCT #5] | Philadelphia Digital Fringe

Web-based art installation

date: 2015
media: web-based installation
size: size + duration varies with browser, device, and client
history: exhibited digital fringe festival philadelphia pa


the sound of flyspec [REDaCT #4] | Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts

Live performance

date: 2015
performance art procession at kimmel center for the performing arts with live slide guitar and percussion, tyvek suits, silkscreen patches, bunraku uniforms, video loops
size: size varies with installation, 1 h duration
history: exhibited kimmel center for the performing arts philadelphia pa


flyspec [REDaCT#3] | Simulate/Permeate


date: 2015
media: tyvek suits, 6000 deceased flies hatched in 5 glass vitrines each 3” dia X 18” high, audio/video loops

size: size varies with installation, 1 audio-video loop 10m duration, 1 video loop 3m duration
history: exhibited rowan university art gallery glassboro nj


flyspec [REDaCT #2] | Filmideo


date: 2015
media: audio/video

size: 1080x1080px audio-video loop 10m duration
history: exhibited index art newark nj


the sound of flyspec [REDaCT #1] | DUMBO Arts Festival

Performance processional

date: 2014
sound loop, tyvek suit, silkscreen patch, modified hydration pack, water
size: 3h duration
history: DUMBO art festival new york ny